CII DQ Labs Design Hackathon 2022

Why Design Hackathon?

Design Thinking is a process used by Industry to solve any problems! All leading companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, and many more are global leaders because the design is at their core.

The Design Thinking process is a logical process to approach a problem and then find a solution. Design Thinking is used universally for finding solutions to products, services, education, and life!

Design Hackathon is an opportunity for young students to learn the Design Thinking Process and Apply it to find a solution to a world problem over 2 days.

At the end of it, a student should be able to apply design thinking to any context of their lives and use it to find solutions.

Note: Participating teams do NOT need any background, experience, or skill in design thinking, art, sketching, software, etc. All the skills to be taught to them during the event.

What is the CII DQ Labs Design Hackathon?

Design Hackathon is a National Level Inter School Design Competition to sensitize students to Design Thinking and Design Doing. This is the 4th edition of the event and is organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) & DQ Labs with the support of The Deens Academy.

Students from class 8 to class 12 work as teams to find solutions to a common world problem. Teams need to use the Design Thinking process to solve problems.

Every team is mentored by 1 Design Mentor and 1 Design Faculty throughout the 2-day event!

Design Hackathon 2021 Instagram

How is the Design Hackathon conducted?

The Design Hackathon is organized online through Zoom. There will be one main room and 11 breakout rooms for each category. Instructions will be given at regular intervals for each of these rooms. The Zoom link will be shared closer to the event. Teams may use Google Meets or may meet offline to coordinate and plan their work and submissions.

Every individual can get access to this space only through their registered email address.

Important Dates:

The CII DQ Labs team will organize training sessions on a common day to ensure that everyone is on board and ready for event day! Please block your calendars accordingly:

  • 30th July & 6th August 2022 (4 pm to 6 pm) - online Workshop for registered participants 

  • From now up to 11th August 2022 - explore the DH 2021 team submissions across all categories (details below)

  • 13th & 14th August 2022 - Event Days

  • November 2022 - Award Day at the 22nd CII India Design Summit

This way, all stakeholders will be familiar with the platforms and the activities and create their relevant accounts to be ready for the event day

How do teams prepare for the Hackathon:

The competition requires teams to use the Design Thinking process to come up with their solutions. Participants may view the 2021 Design Hackathon submissions available on the website This will give all participants an idea of the submissions that are required.

  1. Every team member needs to create an account on

  2. Explore the 2021 Design Hackathon submissions across all categories of submissions

  3. You may rate, comment, and share the work that you find interesting

Note: the 2021 Design Hackathon submissions will be available only till 11th August 2022. So please explore the platform in detail before that.

What Happens on Event Day?

The CII Hive platform is open from 9 am on event day! You may come in and explore the virtual space and the exhibition halls.

13th August 2022

9:00 am - Inauguration - Introduction & Kick Start Notes for the 2 days

9:30 am - Announcement of the Problem Theme, 2-day structure & FAQs

10 am to 6 pm - Go to the Break out rooms Room and start working to find a solution!

10 am to 12 noon - Problem Brief - identify, research & validate problems

12 noon to 2 pm - Insights Creation - Search for existing solutions

2 pm to 5 pm - Ideation - Create prototypes, mock-ups, etc.

5 pm to 6 pm - Finalization of ideas

14th August 2022

9:00 am - Inauguration - Kick Start Notes for the day

9:30 am to 10 am - Discussion on Idea Presentation

10  am to 2 pm  - Compiling and Creation of 1 minute video + 5 images

10 am to 12 noon - 5 images

12 noon to 2 pm - 1 video

Note: Team participants may take breaks in between so long as they plan with their team members and meet back at the specific times as announced. Lunch breaks can be mutually discussed amongst the members of each meeting room. Please respect the time of team members and others in the group.

Team Participation Categories:

Participating teams have registered for only 1 category of these 11 solution categories listed below. All participating teams must approach the solution from the specific solution category they have selected.  Their support structure -  mentors, and design faculty teams have been assigned based on this.

Design Hackathon 2021 Instagram

Final Submission / Output required by the team:

The Final Submission required by teams would be 1 Video and 5 images of their ideas. Refer to submissions for Design Hackathon 2021

5 Images:

  • Slide 1: Problem Brief

  • Slide 2: Insights - Infographic

  • Slide 3: Ideation Sketches

  • Slide 4: Final Design With Illustrations

  • Slide 5: Final Design with Illustrations / Team Member details  

1-minute Videos Explanation:

  • 10 Seconds - Problem Statement

  • 10 Seconds - 1 key insight

  • 10 Seconds - Showcase ideas + 1 key comment

  • 30 Seconds - Final Design to be highlighted

Whom do teams reach out to for guidance during the event?

There are video instructions for each stage of the hackathon. The instructions can be accessed by all teams during the event. In case teams want to reach out to mentors, they may book an appointment with a mentor and seek help at the time they need it. The link for booking an appointment with a mentor will be shared shortly.

How teams have been distributed:

From the listed categories, the teams registered have been distributed to partners based on the 4 year Bachelor programs available at the partner institutes. This is to ensure that your institute has sufficient students and faculty willing and available to mentor the participating teams during the Design Hackathon.

Why do these participating teams need guidance?

The participating teams have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 students. They belong to one of two groups:

Senior Group: Class 11 & 12

Junior Group: Class 8 to 10

Participating teams have only basic knowledge and interest in the chosen area. They are young and are not exposed to the Design Thinking Process. Many of them do not know the person they are partnering with. Hence, mentors and faculty from various Design, Fashion, and Architecture schools have been organized to guide the participating teams.

Who are the Mentors and Faculty that will be guiding participating teams?

Due to the scale of this event, the CII DQ Labs team has partnered with some of the top Design, Architecture & Fashion schools across the country. Their senior students (year 3, year 4 & year 5) will act as mentors, and their Faculty will be available to the participating teams. The availability of these faculty and mentors will be strictly by appointment only. The link to book appointments will be shared shortly.

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